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2001 Winners

The Resource Forum New Enterprise 2001 Award
To recognize and award creative individuals or teams who generate new ideas for technology businesses and to assist them in transforming those ideas into a new business enterprise.
Prizes are awarded at three levels and include both cash and business services.

Grand Prize - $62,000 value
1st Runner Up - $23,000 value
2nd Runner Up - $16,000 value

Contest Schedule
The submission period will run from October 15, 2000 to December 15, 2000. Prizes will be awarded on or before January 12, 2001.

How to Submit Your Idea
All ideas must be submitted following the Rules for the Competition and must include the following signed documents:

  1. About Your Idea
  2. Rules for the Competition
  3. Idea Submission Document
  4. $20 Contest Entry Fee

  • Contest is open to all residents of Georgia
  • Idea submissions must be on approved forms only (Idea Submission)
  • The focus is on technology ideas (see Idea Categories Rules for the Competition)
  • Multiple submissions are permitted with one idea per submission packet
  • Five finalists will be chosen to do an in-person, timed presentation of their idea
  • There is a one-time $20 entry fee per submission to offset some of the administrative costs or the competition

Idea Submission Workshops
Two Idea Submission Workshops will be held to assist contestants with completing their submission and/or to answer any questions on November 8th and December 2nd, 2000.

The Resource Forum
The Coca Cola Company
Arnall Golden Gregory, LLP
iD8 Marketing
Wachovia Bank
AM-750 WSB Radio, Inc.
Catalyst Magazine
Techlinx Solutions. Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions . . .

Q. Is the Award open to anyone?

A. The New Enterprise 2001 Award is open to all residents of Georgia who have an idea for the launch of a new technology product or company.

Q. Can we enter as a team?

A. Teams can enter the competition AS LONG AS the idea is submitted on a single form, a KEY CONTACT for the team is identified AND all members of the team sign ALL of the Award documents.

Q. How long does the competition run?

A. The Award competition runs from October 15, 2000 until December 15, 2000. The Winners will be announced in early January, 2001.

Q. How will my idea be judged?

A. The Panel of Judges will carefully review each submission and consider the depth and quality of the information provided. Each idea will also, in effect, compete with every other idea submitted. Five finalists will be chosen to do an in-person presentation in late December.

Q. How can I learn more about the Award or specific questions that I have?

A. You are always welcome to call 404-720-1000 between 8a.m. and 9 p.m., Monday through Friday. You may also attend (2) two "idea submission workshops" in November or December at The Resource Forum.